The Brighter Future Pledge

More than ever before, we need to grow and diversify our state economy, create a world-class workforce and build the public infrastructure needed to foster a bigger, bolder North Dakota economy. The Brighter Future Alliance created “The Brighter Future Pledge” to support public policies that will create a brighter future for us all, and we’re asking candidates to sign it.

The Brighter Future Pledge
 I will support public funding for critical infrastructure including roads and schools.
 I will support balancing North Dakota’s budget without raising state taxes.
 I will support state economic programs and incentives to grow and diversify the North Dakota economy and create more good-paying jobs.
 I will support the development of North Dakota’s natural resources including the coal, oil and ag industries.
 I will support workforce development programs to attract, retain and train a high-quality workforce.

We also created a Citizen Petition in support of these policies that we’re encouraging North Dakotans to sign. Together we can create an overwhelming voice to convince more and more of our elected officials to sign The Brighter Future Pledge to foster a bigger, bolder North Dakota economy.

See a list of those North Dakota legislators who have signed the pledge and those who have not signed the pledge.